About Hetal Shah & Dhadkan

Ms. Hetal Shah (MD of Dhadkan Group), a well known personality in the field of performing arts, with a 10 year work and training exposure. The three words Young, Dynamic and Energetic describe her personality as a whole. She is mentally young with highly dynamic mental structure and extremely energetic both as a performer and a trainer and a teacher and a guru. She is down-right practical in her approach and is more keen to produce performing professionals rather than academic stalwarts in her fields of creative art. This reflects in the fact that all her students today are performing as professionals in various capacities – either as individual performers in Bollywood or within a group in various dance troupes. She has started her carrier with well-known Lion’s Club of Ahmedabad as a Director. She has been pioneer in the field of dancing for several dance academies based in Ahmedabad. The key anchor of her identity is the dedicated number of years she has given to dancing. In a short time – of 5 years – she has successfully got multiple branches of OM – THE SCHOOL OF ART, which is part of DHADKAN Performing Arts Group. Along with management of her own dancing school she also regularly imparts dance lectures & training for school students from the level of standard 3 onwards in several schools within Gujarat State. She also conducts 2/3 annual competitive dance programs for students across age groups and engaged in various dance academies – to encourage healthy competition among all the learners and their institutions. As a professional she has performed in TV Shows, Guajarati Films – as a solo choreographer- working with major personalities in the field of dance. She has also worked for some Government Projects such as Vibrant Gujarat, Navaratri Mahostav and many more… Apart from this, to stay connected and grounded with the current mind-set of the present and up-coming generations, she also conducts several summer camps where various activities such as dancing, yoga, aerobics, hand writing, crafting as well as many other brain & body enhancing curriculum are conducted. Overall she is conspicuous, in-tune, updated with a minute eye for detail personality in the field of Dancing and has long years to go before she shelves her dancing shoes.

About Dhadkan

Dhadkan was named so because this entity starts and ends with the thought, mind-set, energy, dynamism and fastidiousness of Ms. Hetal Shah. Dhadkan was formed as a semi-commercial entity in order to bring in the lights and glory and values of performing arts in the minds of this generation that really does not have any avenue for quality out-door activities in almost all categories AA and AB and AC cities across India. This effort was initiated by Ms. Hetal Shah as an extension of her teaching and choreography activities across schools in Ahmadabad. Dhadkan was born to give a platform for all the students - under her and various other dance schools and troupes – to compete in a healthy manner and thereby ascertain their levels in a professional manner and in the process provide quality entertainment to the parents and general public in a genuine aesthetic manner. This efforts on the last 3 years have snow-balled into a clear movement – which has resulted in annuals events in at least 5 cities in Gujarat – with a steadily increasing fan following and LIKES in the general mass, young students and the ever present social media. Dhadkan, however even today is focused on the ART and PERFORMANCES rather than selling the ART and the PERFORMANCES. Going forward Dhadkan would like to establish itself as a platform to ideate and implement great ideas in the field of event management.
Accumulating years of experience of performing arts, she rushes on a step ahead providing levelheaded event management service in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her experience executing flawless events with a great commitment helps her to put up a platform to manage wedding event, corporate event, DJ event, birthday event, culture event, dance competition event and any kind of your function.
Credit of great idea generation to execute them briskly goes to innovative DHADKAN team of skillful professionals. The active coordination of minute detailing by experienced team members leaves no stone unturned to make event successful.
Not only people thoroughly enjoy every bit from line of acts for theme parties, but also attentively take pleasure in occasions including conference and seminar, exhibition, annual day, get together, road show, product launch or product promotion and award ceremony.
In event management with DHADKAN, people find equal enjoyment for every age group of people along with youngsters. ‘Event for all’ spirit of DHADKAN group makes it a topmost event management company in Ahmedabad.









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Founder & CEO
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Youngest Choreographer Co-Founder
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Graphic Designer
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